Funeral of integration projects (and zombies!)

In funeral it is not that common to day ”it was about the time”, but when it comes to the funeral of integration projects there is a big crowd cheering and chanting this phrase. At Flashnode we are there digging the grave by offering inexpensive and complete integrations as a service. Without opening fees or surprises!

I’m quite sure that a ”integration projects zombies” will rise, but modern companies know that fighting against those is better business than becoming a zombie yourself. The zombies are slow and repeating pretty much brainless simple tasks and are not able to be flexible when things change.

Choosing the side that wants to bring the zombies down is probably a better strategy for companies who want to survive and prosper. Flashnode has built an ecosystem of compatible softwares that can be connected easily and inexpensively – an army against the zombies. And the army is growing! At you can check if your softwares have already joined the ecosystem and are actively avoiding of becoming undead.

The solutions in the ecosystem are compatible with each other and it is easy to transfer eg. orders from your eCommerce platform or CRM to your Accounting or Warehousing system. Or you can sync your stock balances from Warehouse, Accounting or ERP to your eCommerce and POS to make sure that you’re not selling something you’re not having in stock.

Join now the army fighting the project zombies. We have the weapons for you.

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