Recipe for success

I’m reading an interesting book about motivation, self discipline and health. ”Esels weisheit – Der Schlüssel zum Durchblick oder wie Sie Ihre Brille loswerden” from Mirsakarim Norbekov is kind of about how to improve your sight, but actually it is about having a right attitude towards everything. There are also some real trainings to improve your seeing ability in last chapters of the book, but mainly it is all about how you think and act – how it all plays together. Definitely worth a read.

In the book there’s a chapter about success or how to succeed. In the first paragraph Norbekov asks if you want to ”Win” or ”make sure that you won’t fail”. My first thought (I think it’s similar with 95% of people) was to ”Win”, but then the author leads the reader to think about it differently:

Having a goal is, of course, crucial for success, but by just looking at the final goal you might oversee some things at your feet and maybe trip over. But if you take the other approach instead and make it sure that you won’t fail at any point, your success is guaranteed. Makes actually perfect sense.

It is important to have your goals set, but it is also important to understand that getting there is a journey you’ll have to travel. On this trip you’ll have obstacles, but if you make sure that none of those challenges will stop you, you’ll get to your destination. In practice it is splitting the journey to parts which all contain different sub-goals and smaller tasks that are more concrete than the big goals. So concrete that you can measure them to ensure that that task won’t be stopping your way to your goal.

At Flashnode, where I work, we’re helping our customer on their trip to success by eliminating some of those things that can be affecting their journeys to their goals. We’re freeing up time and resources for our customers so that they can handle all the challenges possible slowing them down. By automating manual work an average customer with a webshop and an accounting system can get 20 additional working hours per month to use in better ways. Impressive, right?

So far we’ve been helping mostly Finnish customers, but now we’re ready to help companies from other countries too. We’re heading to international markets and that’s our next big goal. To get there we just need to make sure that we won’t fail at any point and our success is guaranteed!

We’re seeking partners from different industries like accounting, eCommerce, POS, CRM, warehousing, logistics, marketing and BI in international markets to join our ecosystem of compatible softwares. We want to reach our goals with you and help you to reach your goals too. How can we pave the road for you? As an integration operator we can really relieve your integration pains. We’re here to kill integration projects – integrations are a service!

Hit me up with a message and we’ll check how we can make sure that none of us has a chance to fail.

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